The oil and lubricants specialist blenders and manufacturers

The Lubefusion products are manufactured at our local factory at number 4 Nicholls Street, Chamdor in Krugersdorp. We make use of the latest technological raw materials which include group 2 and 3 base oils and synthetic base stock as well as OEM approved additive packages. Our pillars of strength in the market are excellent service, good quality product at very competitive prices and being able to adapt to changes in the market place. We manufacture lubricants , oils and ancillary chemicals for various markets including several in-house brands for companies needing their own private labels and also do toll manufacturing for as little as 1,000L of product.

Manufacturing facility

We have a manufacturing capacity of 1,500,000L of product per month yet we have the flexibility to accommodate batches as small as 500L. Our packaging starts from 200ml up to 1,000L BICs making use of our semi-automatic packaging lines with in line labelling as well as heat sealing on all our small packs (this avoids messy oil leaks) . Our production and warehousing facility is 2,000 square metres and this ensures that we are able to warehouse more than enough stock for our customers thus avoiding waiting periods for stock availability.


We have a fleet of trucks and bakkies which we continue to grow and they service the greater Gauteng region on a daily basis to ensure that customers get their products as and when they need them. We also have distributors around some parts of South Africa and in the region though there are still opportunities for distributorship in some areas and the Southern African region and beyond. No matter where you are, we’ll do our best to ensure your requirements are met. Customer satisfaction is key.

We supply a wide range of products in various sizes